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More than solid waste size reduced, even more recycling and reuse
To protect our environment is more than to treat the solid waste, but to the reuse. Crush is the first step for any recycle processing. The double shaft shredder from Zibo United Tech has strong function, through shear, shred and squeeze to get the size reduced. Low energy consumption and maintenance cost and large capacity.
 Double Shaft Shredder Features:
Blade: V type helix distribution with equality powered advantage. Blade material use high alloy steel. To ensure durablity and flexbility, we can offer different kinds of blades according to difference materials.
The blade has higher strength and impact thoughness, suitable to shred the twining materials, and easliy to shred the metal materials.
Blade repair: the wearing blade can be repaired by the most advanced cutting tool coating and welding technology. The blade can be repeated use, reduce the maintenance cost.
Blade is spiral arrangement design, get effective shredding.
Main shaft: the rotor is drived by the speed reducer, get the effect of slow speed and high torque shredding. The parts were put in the main shaft are not relative sliding, the total contact area with many teetch is able to bear heavy load with high positioning accurancy and even connecting pressure.
Bearing: adopt engineering strengthened design and split structure in order to convenient maintenance.  Six enclosed bearing protection design, waterproof and dustproof,s so the life of bearing can be prolonged.
Bisect cabinet design: the bisect cabinet design, convienient to replace accessories. Seperaged design to the shredding chamber, the frame can be easily discharged the whole shaft ( rotor, blade, bearing, sealed system, etc).
Electric control cabinet: with the function of microcomputer control system, automic reverse sensor to protect the machine motor against over loading and jaming.
Double Shaft Shredder Applications:
Double shaft shredder have been designed for a wide array of applications and industries, suitable for shredding solid material such as E-waste, metal, wood, plastic, scrap tires, packaging barrel. Pallets, etc. And particularly well suited to the size reduction of bulky or voluminous materials which could include contamination such as metals or stones. Depending on input material and the following process the shredded material can be used directly or go into the next setp of size reduction. It can efficient to increase the bulk density and decrease the transportation cost. It si widely used in industry waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic recycling, pallet recycling, municipal solid waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, paper making industry, etc.
Model  D2012 D2040 D2840 D2860 D3280 D32100
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 120*435 400*435 400×580 600×580 890×650 1010×650
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) 200 200 285 285 320 320
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 8.5 8.5 12 12 10-15 10-15
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 6 20 20 20 20 25
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 20 20 20 30 40 40
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 1.5/3 4+4 7.5 7.5+7.5 18.5+18.5 22+22
Net Weight(KG) 800 1200 1450 1800 4000 5200
Model  D42100 D42120 D42150 D52120 D52160 D52180
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 1012×736 1213×736 1513×850 1224×948 1624×948 1820×948
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) 430 430 430 516 516 516
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 20 24 30 20 20+10 30
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 50 50 50 60 60+40 60
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 30+30 37+37 45+45 55+55 75+75 75+75
Net Weight(KG) 7000 8500 10000 11000 13000 15000
Model  D62140 D62180 D62210 D72180 D72240 D72250
Cutting Chamber size C/D(mm) 1410*1070 1820*1070 2120*1070 1804*1524 1804*1524 2500*1524
Rotor Blade Diameter(mm) 619 619 619 743 743 743
Rotor Ratate Speed (r/min) 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15 10-15
Rotor Blade Quantity (PCS) 20 26 30 24 30 25
Rotor Blade Thickness(mm) 70 70 70 75 80 100
Rotor Motor Power(KW) 75+75 75+75 90+90 90+90 90+90 110+110
Net Weight(KG) 13000 18000 20000 20100 26000 27000
1. The shredder capacity can be influenced by the material compostion and output size.
2. The voltage about the power supply can be selected by the customer’s specific requirements.
The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.
Welcome to contact with us to get more details product information. We are glad to introduce you the most suitable machie, design the most resonable proposal as your production requirements. Our task is to support our customers who are in the solid waste & refuse management industries to get a higher production efficient, impove their product quality and value so that they can get a greatest progress in the keen competition.