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How to easier solve the bulk waste – UT shredder

2019-01-10 11:12:00

Introduction: With the rapid development of enconomy, accelerated upgrading of the furniture, the more and more discarded items increasing. It is a great deal of pollution to the environment. It is the serious envoironmental proble that the Governments and society is facing. Most factories will saw the lagre waste in to small blocks. Then crush it.. That caused the increasing labor intensity, lower efficiency, higher cost.
Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. deveolped various specification & model shredder which the waste material can be puted directly into the shredder, through the blade rotating shear, the large waste became small block or particles. It get a size reduction, convenient to the recycling usage, and speed up the burning efficiency. It is greatly reduce the transport charges, also save the cost, protection our environment.
Actions speak louder than words. Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd has been successfully applied the bulky waste treatment the Government's environmental protection projects. It is a great solution to the solid waste disposal problem.
The shredding priciple about the double shaft shredder from Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.:
* Motor + the Rotor is Drived by the Reducer, get the effect of slow speed and high torque shredding.
*  Six enclosed Bearing protection design, waterproof and dustproof, so the life of Bearing can be prolonged.
*  Adopt the Hexagon to the Blade Inner Hole and the Main Rotor, ensuring the Blade stability and get equal force.
*  To ensure durability and flexibility, we can offer the different kinds of Blades according to different materials.
*  Blade is spiral arrangement, get effective shredding.
*  The wearing Blade can be repaired by the most advanced cutting tool coating and welding technology. The Blade can be repeated use, reduce the maintenance costs.
*  With the function of Siemens microcomputer Control System, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine motor against over loading and jamming.
*  Separated design, the frame can be easily discharged the whole Shaft (Rotor, Blade, Bearing, Sealed system).
* Friendly human-machine operation interface, the operator can easily get to work after simple trained.
*  Very little maintenance cost.
And the advatages about the shredder from Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd:
1. The machine is suitable to process very big size of materials, such as waste furniture, mattress, sofa, bed, plastic pipe, plastic board, wood, woven bags, tire, aluminum cans, copper wire and pressing plastic film which the single shaft plastic shredder can not processed, new designed especially for crushing the film in rolls, hollow barrels and so on.
2. The machine with big feeding mouth, it can put the large product freely.
3. The rotary blade and cutting blade and blade edge with special design, it can get very high efficiency and high capacity
4. The machine is control by PLC system, . The knife can rotated in opposite direction, and also can close automatic if something unexpected happen, with very high safety service
5. The machine running slowly with low noise and low dust.
The application of the shredding machine generally includes:

1. Old furniture, television, computer, wood, paper, cloth, leather, etc.
2. Waste plastic bucket, plastic bottle, waste pipe, thin film, etc ;
3. Rubber, old tires, conveying belt, waste shoes, etc;
4. Steel, waste steel wire, color steel plate, paint buckets, cans, waste metal, etc.
5. Wood, waste wood pallet, plank, waste wood floor, wood packing case.         
6. Waste cloth, fabric,  carpet,  medical waste,  gauze,  bandage etc.
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